Here are the update notes for Battlescapes


  • New enemy hitbox system! Skeletons can now receive headshots.
  • New weapon: Automatic shotgun! Less damage but incredibly high rate of fire and recoil
  • New weapon: Tactical SMG! Less damage, high fire rate
  • New weapon: Heavy Assault Rifle! High damage, high accuracy, low rate of fire
  • New weapon: Energy Rifle! This fires fast and stuns enemies who get hit by it!
  • New weapon: Longbow! High damage and accuracy, always 1 hit headshot.

In the future we will be adding various status effects that can be added at any time. The first one we have added is Stun/Freeze which will prevent enemies from moving for a short period, as seen in the Energy Rifle. More will be coming soon, along with per-class abilities in the next update.


  • Sniper Rifle now has a border.
  • All weapons now have same border colour.


  • The SMG and Heavy Pistol have new sound effects.


  • Enabled Feedback button on the main menu

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