Battlescapes 1.2: The 'Combat' Update

Hello everyone! I took a break between updates but here is version 1.2, the 'Combat' Update! This is the first new update in a style similar to one of the 1.1 'Revamp' Update. Here are the patch notes:


  • Before level 30, you now get small amounts of health and ammo to help you in the next levels. Between levels 30 and 50 you get just ammo and after level 50 you get nothing.
  • Mobile controls are more responsive.


  • Enemies track the player much more accurately.


  • There is a new recoil system implemented. The more you shoot with an weapon, the more inaccurate it becomes. However, it does not make a large impact as it should still be viable to just hold down the trigger, but there should hopefully be a noticeable difference.
  • Bullets from the Sniper Rifle, Hi-Power Pistol and Hi-Power Assault Rifle now all overpenetrate so they can go through enemies, potentially killing multiple and hitting collaterals.
  • New weapons added:
    • Suppressed SMG, provides rapidfire precision.
    • Hi-Power Sniper, designed for high damage in the late game.
    • Energy Shotgun, higher damage at shorter ranges
  • Recoil adjusted for:
    • Hi-Power Pistol: Previously you would be inaccurate if you had shot 1 bullet recently, this has been changed to the new recoil system.


  • Redrawn frozen slime and skeleton sprites.
  • Added an indicator to show when enemies know where you are.
  • Added loading screens.
  • Added an effect for when you get a critical on a Slime.
  • You will now bleed when getting hit.
  • Dropped weapons now have an effect for when they are spawned out of chests
  • Dropped weapons are now affected by muzzle flashes.


  • Added footsteps to players and skeletons.
  • Slime trails have sound.


  • Energy ammo drop amount lowered.
  • Heavy ammo drop amount lowered.
  • Hi-Power Assault Rifle now uses Heavy ammo. 
  • Energy Rifle damage increased from 10-13 to 12-15.


  • Added Discord Rich Prescence
  • Mobile now has version 1.1 included too.

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