Battlescapes 1.1: The 'Revamp' Update

For the latest update I have gone with a different approach. With this update I had the intent of making no gameplay changes whatsoever in this update, and have focused on improving every single graphical/visual/audio element in the game. However, I couldn't resist making some changes. Here are the patch notes for Battlescapes 1.1:


  • A large majority of the artwork has been redone at a higher quality to provide a new, rounder pixel style.
  • List of improved artwork:
    • Player characters for all classes
    • All weapons
    • Skeletons
    • Slimes
    • Chests
    • Ammo and health pickups
  • Slimes now shake while moving.
  • Slimes now have a trail of slime behind them.
  • When invulnerable at the start of a level, you will have a light yellow outline to indicate that you cannot take damage.
  • The floor has a new texture which is much more seamless, instead of the single-tile repeating texture from before.
  • Guns now have muzzle flashes.
  • There is now a light vignette around the screen. This vignette is removed when bullets are shot to improve the effect.


  • The Critical Hit system has been altered. Criticals are no longer dealt if headshotting an enemy, but are now a random chance depending on the weapon used.
  • The Sniper Rifle is now only accurate when standing still. You can still shoot while moving but your aim will be much less accurate.


  • There is now full support for controllers. PS4, Xbox One & 360 controllers have been tested to be working.
    • Left Stick - Movement
    • Right Stick - Aim
    • Right Trigger - Attacking
    • Left Trigger - Use Ability
    • A/Cross - Pick up Weapon
    • B/Circle - Next Level


  • All fonts have been replaced.
  • Additional icons have been added to the timer, enemy counter, and level counter.
  • Pick up button prompt is now different depending on platform, example: E on PC, tap on Mobile, A on Gamepad
  • The following weapons have been renamed:
    • Heavy Pistol -> Hi-Power Pistol
    • Heavy Assault Rifle -> Hi-Power Assault Rifle
    • Automatic Shotgun -> Autoshotgun


  • I am changing the way updates will work by focusing on larger, more infrequent updates. Some features I have in mind for the next update include:
    • A new recoil system
    • Endless mode modifiers
    • New enemies and weapons
  • As these are some large additions they may take some time to develop so will be in the 1.2 update.
  • Battlescapes Online has been postponed to allow for more time to be spent on making Battlescapes a better game.
  • A new main menu will have been implemented. It has a much nicer layout which is easier for PC and Mobile devices. The new main menu has space for any new features that I may add.

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