Here are the update notes for Battlescapes


  • Added new enemy, Slime. Faster, but has less health.
  • Skeletons are less likely to spawn (to balance out spawning of slimes)
  • Added new weapon: Heavy Pistol. New high-power pistol that is less accurate if you spam shots. Time your shots well to stay accurate.
  • Sniper now has 150% higher screenshake when shooting.
  • Introduced 2 new ammo types: Energy & Arrow. New weapons for these ammo types will come eventually.
  • Removed end of level portal. You now just press Q as soon as every enemy is dead.
  • Introduced 4 second spawn protection. Every level, you will be invulnerable at the start for 4 seconds.


  • Weapons will now visibly shake when shot.


  • Enemies will now change directions every 0.5 seconds instead of every second.


  • Removed abilities tab from Loadout screen. Abilities will now be determined by what class you choose with every class having a different ability.
  • Updated roadmap.


  • Bosses will not be added to the main "Endless" mode. They will instead feature in their own campaign. We will not be adding Bosses to Endless mode due to the difficulty involved in developing them. The progress that I have made has been saved and will be reused for the campaigns.

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