Here are the update notes for Battlescapes


  • New class system. 3 classes established: Operative, Scout and Trooper. They all have minor modifications made to their gameplay which radically changes how the game is played.
  • New ability system. Abilities will be available to be bought in the upcoming shop in the future. At the moment, there is one ability called slow motion. On PC,  hold right-click to use it. On mobile hold the A button.
  • New loadout system. At the moment only supports class selection, but will eventually work with the shop to allow you to choose abilities, add cosmetics and upgrade weapons.
  • New class-based collision system. This is designed to drastically improve performance of collision calculation and to make visual errors less likely. Currently only applied fully to the Operative class.


  • Sniper has been nerfed. You will now be incredibly inaccurate if shooting while moving. Still perfectly accurate when standing still.


  • Added a joystick to mobile. Might have an option in the future to choose between Joystick and Tap to Move.

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