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Battlescapes is a roguelite shoot-em-up in early access. · By Spirefall, Inc.


Recent updates

Battlescapes 1.2.2
Patch notes for Battlescapes 1.2.2: Weapons Scattershot added. A fan-favourite has been brought back from the original game! The Bullet Battles shotgun has been...
Battlescapes 1.2.1
Patch notes for Battlescapes 1.2.1: Weapons Weapons renamed: Energy Rifle -> Energy Repeater Energy Shotgun -> Energy Multishot Pistol damage has been decreased...
Battlescapes 1.2: The 'Combat' Update
Hello everyone! I took a break between updates but here is version 1.2, the 'Combat' Update! This is the first new update in a style similar to one of the 1.1 '...
Battlescapes 1.1.2
Here are the patch notes for Battlescapes 1.1.2: UI There is now a sensitivity slider for controllers. Enemy counter now switches to 'Level Complete' when there...
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